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1.What should I do if I am stopped and questioned by a police officer after I've been drinking?

2. What should I do if the police officer asks me to watch his pen or do physical agility tests?

3. The police officer never read me my rights, so the case will be thrown out, right?

4. Should I take the breath test or blood test?

5. The officer told me my license would be suspended. What should I do?

6. If my license is suspended, how will I get back and forth to work?

7. Should I hire a lawyer?

8. How reliable is breath testing in determining a person's blood alcohol level?

9. How do I choose which attorney to hire to defend me against the DWI charge?

10. How much will an attorney cost me?  Should I take my case to trial?

11. How much will a DWI conviction cost me?

12. What are the penalties for DWI?

13. What is ALR?

*All answers are for people 21 years or older, do not involve enhancements, are not exclusive, and are limited to Texas.


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